Press Quotes

Praise For

“Rebels and Radicals: a short comedic history of rebellion in Australia”

(Melbourne Fringe 2011)

“(Micah D) Higbed cleverly locates the humour in the utter detestability of the actions and attitudes that have inspired rebellion in this country. Rebels and Radicals is a polemic carefully worked into a downright hilarious routine, which aims to show how some of the most important moments in Australia’s history remain largely ignored. That Higbed can find humour in oppression and the persecution of minorities is testament to his impressive comedic skills.” – Buzzcuts

Praise for

“Fear and Laughing”

(Melbourne Fringe 2010, MICF 2011)

‘This is a comedian with a conscience’ – The Herald Sun

‘Inspired, Thought provoking, laugh out loud’ – Australian Comedy Review

“(Micah D) Higbed is a delightful and disarming performer who is funny, self-deprecating, and engaging, and who developed an easy rapport with the audience” –  Arts Hub

‘A seditious upstart’ – Melbourne Buzz

“It was not until a drink or two later (for clarity’s sake) that it dawned one me that, had it been anyone but the cheeky, outgoing and likeable Micah D Higbed delivering that performance, it would have been quite dark. ” – NewsHit


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